Monday, April 05, 2010

A Little Poetry

There was a Time
by Monica Perez Nevarez

There was a time
my son
when Mommy was able to work
at home, from her computer
and talk to friends
and read inspiring words
and see faraway places
full of beauty still;
and with the use of an electronic box
build a community of friends
that spanned the globe.
There was a time.

There was a time
when people could remember
that in their youth
there had been clean rivers, and fresh breezes;
that businessmen did not lie about their products
for the sake of profit;
that while there was hunger in the world,
we had also elevated
the poor from even more
distressing circumstances.
Compromises had to be made.
It was a time of right and wrong choices.

There was a time
way back in our history
when a few lone voices spoke
the Truth
and no one would listen.
Everyone was too busy
reaching for the brass ring;
and nobody noticed
that in ignoring the warnings
lay the path of our own destruction.
Compromises were compromised.
There was a time.

There was a time
when all the things that fed us
began to break down
and oppress us.
it was a time of uncertainty
and we fought hard against a tide
we could not overcome.
And so some decades passed
and Earth’s physical benchmarks
came and went,
and the deadline for action was upon us;
It was a time for right choices.

There was a time
When all the countries in all the world
came together
to find ways to solve our problems.
The science was there,
but the will was not.
The people cried for solutions
but did not accept the responsibility
of dismantling the dreams of a lifestyle
that had taken them generations to build.
Anxiety ruled.
There was no time.

There was a time
when women of good will
realized that there was no security
in superficial urbanity.
That true security meant
sustainability and self-reliance;
it meant community
and interdependence.
It meant growing your own food
and creating a community
the old fashioned way - in person.
It was a time of counter-intuitive choices.

There was a time
a moment we all saw clearly:
That living life in place
and valuing relationship over lucre
home-grown over unsustainable
self-discipline over slavery
imagination over denial
love over hate
was the lesson Our Mother
was teaching us.
And some of us listened.
Give thanks, for there was a time.