Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mari's party

My sister Maria Elena and I share a birth date (Dec. 16) even though I am two years older than she is. I have always liked celebrating my birthday and she has pointedly declined to consider that such a date exists. Ahem. Until this year. This year she gave a non-birthday party birthday at a lovely restaurant called Urdin, a trendy watering hole in San Juan, on Condado's Restaurant Row. Here she is with Jose Juan.
My brother Manuel was in attendance, as were many of Mari's friends.

Here we have the famed chef, Wilo Benet, and Vivi Tous, and on the next picture, Wilo, Vivi, Mari and Wilo's wife.

My Dad, Dr. Manuel Perez, and his wife, Lic. Yvonne Vergne, with Mari, as well as Vivi and Jose Juan.

Manuel, Jerry Quiros, and Johnny Piza were having a blast, as well as some local lovelies.

My other brother Mario and his wife Maru celebrated heartily, here with Jerry and a date.